Parents - Please know that every student did a great job auditioning. I know that a few of your children will be thrilled with the casting decisions that we have made but I know that many more of your children will be disappointed. This is the single hardest part of being in theatre as a performer and as a director. We bring in a panel of people (local actors, teachers, and directors, along with current and former students) to come to the auditions and give their feedback on the casting decisions to help give everyone an equal and well considered shot at each role. We take casting the show very seriously, especially since each of us has real life experience with the difficulties of auditioning and the emotions that come with not getting (and getting) the role you wanted and worked to earn.

I have written two different blogs that may be worth sharing with your child.

"The Realities of Casting"

"A Parent’s Guide on How to Deal with Audition Disappointment" 

Now...On With The Show!

Ms. Sondra, Ms. Lisa, Mr. Jamey & Ms. Erica


Cast List

Everyone did

a great job at auditions

this past week . We will have a lot to

do this semester and both Ms. Lisa and I

are looking forward to working with this cast!


This is a very funny show with a great message. I can’t wait to get started on it! See you all on Tuesday.

If you do not see your name on the list, it may be because we didn’t receive your audition. Please contact

See you all Tuesday!

Ms. Sondra

Jameson- Father

Lauren G- Mother

Lauren R- Beth

William- Charlie

Brady- Ralph

Indy- Imogene

Skylar- Leroy

Jane- Claudette

Jensen- Ollie

Julia- Gladys

Audrey- Alice

Lyrik- Mrs. Armstrong

Lauren A- Mrs. Slocum

Emerson- Mrs. Clark

Miller- Mrs. Clausing

Evie- Mrs. McCarty

Abby- Maxine

Ethan- Elmer

Conner- Hobie

Carter- David

Easton- Davis*

Molly- Beverly

Vesper- Shirley

Zoe- Juanita

Emmanuelle- Doris

Charles- Re. Hopkins

Elizabeth- Roberta*

Elsie- Lois*

Peyton- Peggy*

*Ms. Lisa is adding lines for these Characters.


** Most everyone will be doubling as other characters in this show especially the Moms and Rev.Extra pages of the script will be given during class time- please don’t panic.

Monday 6:00pm

Ben Allen- Iago

Isabella Allen- Genie

Gabrielle Banker- Narrator 5

Reese Bartell- Ensemble

Reese Benton- Jafar

Annalane Bonner- Baker/Ensemble

Jessie Bray- Narrator 1

Jack Britton- Guard/Ensemble

Adalyn Eisenlohr- Ensemble

Abraham Elston- Sulton

Eleanor Green- Ensemble

Kristen Hyams- Narrator 4

Anna Jay- Ensemble

Emory Lomicka- Townsperson/Ensemble

Ethan McBride- Prince formally Known as Artist/Ensemble

Grace McConnell- Ensemble

Emsley Meier- Narrator 2

Bennett Miller- Razoul

Carter Miller- Guard 1/Ensemble

Rhea Moore- Ensemble

Annalee Pitt- Ensemble

Ian Pitt- Guard/Ensemble

Robert Pitt- Guard/Ensemble

Aralyn Robinson- Narrator 3

Lilliana Sawyer- Ensemble

Diya Singh- Ensemble

Owen Sower- Aladdin

Luke Spivey- Prince Baba of Ganush/Ensemble

Francesca Stazzone- Ensemble

Satchel Strout- Prince Dahdu Rahn Rahn/Ensemble

Anna Toland- Ensemble

Roma Lee Veal- Jasmine

Emmalynn Woodard- Ensemble

Friday 6:00pm

Cassidy Booker- Razoul

Sydney Bosen- Sulton

Natalie Burke- Matron/Ensemble

Ava Culpepper- Narrator 1

Abigail Douglas- Baker/ Ensemble

London Fair- Prince 2/ Ensemble

Alan Foeder- Aladdin

Casey Holeman- Narrator 3

Sam Holt- Genie

Campbell Lenahan- Ensemble

Jamison Lenahan- Ensemble

Abigail Levy- Narrator 2

Linley Macmillian- Girl/ Ensemble

Brennan McCain- Guard 2/Ensemble

Lily Morton-Ensemble

Lucas Ortega- Iago

Cleyre Ouroboros- Townsperson/Ensemble

Ruti Ourboros- Jafar

Saoirse Parada- Jasmine

Emilia Pietrangelo- Narrator 4

Emma Singleton- Prince 3/ Ensemble

Ella Spangenberg- Ensemble

Katy Abby Squires-Ensemble

Walker Squires- Guard 1/Ensemble

Hannah Timmons- Ensemble

Jillian Vaughn- Ensemble

Nora Vaughn- Ensemble

Nolan Wilson- Prince 1/Ensemble

Scout Wood- Narrator 5

Monday 4:30pm

Hunter Brown- Prince Hassim/Ensemble

Brooklyn Chambers- Ensemble

Morgan Chapman- Bread Vendor/Ensemble

Eli Clevenger-Prince Abullah/Ensemble

Gianna Cordova-Ensemble

Ainsley Davelaar- Ensemble

Camryn Devlin- Fruit Vendor/ Ensemble

Sophia DiChiara- Ensemble

Olivia Forslund- Cave Guardian/Ensemble

Eva Gavranovic- Jafar

Kate Graves- Agrabahn 2

Holland Hippler- Ensemble

Stella Hunt- Ensemble

Charlie King- Ensemble

Everleigh King- Agrabahn 1

Hayden King- Ensemble

Myla Lackey- Agarbahn 5

Lily Laine- Ensemble

Sophie Lutche- Lamp Lighter/Ensemble

Zoe McNesse- Ensemble

Piper Medlin- Agrabahn 6

Carter Miller- Aladdin

Gavin Navey- Sulton

Lydia Navey- Ensemble

Ryleigh Peek- Ensemble

Atley Phillips- Ensemble

Ruby Rattray- Agrabahn 3

Shea Saliba- Genie

Lillie Selby- Ensemble

Diya Singh- Jasmine

Sophia Swerling- Ensemble

Ava Verma- Ensemble

Ela Verma- Iago

Claire Weaver- Ensemble

CJ Willsey- Prince Malik/Ensemble

Ella Willsey- Agrabahn 4

Sophia Wilson- Ensemble

Friday 4:30pm

Eva Aryal- Agrabahn 3

Madyson Berry- Ensemble

Claire Christian- Ensemble

Caden Cripe- Prince Malik/ Ensemble

Riley DeSoto- Ensemble

Claudia Dobie- Agrabahn 1/ Ensemble

Ava Elder- Genie

Abby Farmer- Agrabahn 2/Ensemble

Ally Farmer- Ensemble

Savannah Fulton- Ensemble

Abram Hagerman- Prince Hassim/Ensemble

Violet Hagerman- Ensemble

Naomi Halevi- Fruit Vendor/Ensemble

Elizabeth Howard- Guard 3/ Ensemble

Zoe Kennedy- Ensemble

Luke Kelin- Aladdin

CJ Koslin- Ensemble

Eva Lemkin- Ensemble

Noa Lemkin- Guard 4/Ensemble

Molly Maguire-Lamp Vender

Aven Markwell-Guard 1/Ensemble

Lucy Myers- Agrabahn 4/ Emsemble

Emory Parton- Ensemble

Neil Plotkin- Prince Abdullah/Ensemble

Cole Ravin- Jafar

Eliza Reedy- Bread Vendor/Ensemble

Grace Riesinger- Ensemble

Olivia Russell- Cave Guardian/ Ensemble

Lillian Searcy- Guard 2/Ensemble

Delia Sheaffer-Iago

Lila Sieveking-Emsemble

Liliana Stephens-Ensemble

Savannah Stephens- Jasmine

Addy Taylor-Sultan

Isabella Thompson- Ensemble


Tristan Baier- The Steward*

Emmi Bradley- Lucinda

Brynn Gianatassio- Baker’s Wife

Abram Guice- Cinderella Prince/Wolf*

Ella Hartman- Cinderella Step Mom

Darci Michon- Corrinda (a Step Sister)

Michelle Mouton- Florinda

Franklin Oden- Mysterious Man**

Tanner Page- Cinderella

Mason Risser- Baker*

Raleigh Risser- Little Red

Lexi Russell- Narrator

Kat Shannon- Rapunzel

Luke Skonieczny- Jack

Kylee Smith- Jacks Mom

Lilly Stone- Cinderella Mom/Giant

Tyler Tippett- Rapunzel Prince*

Emma Rose Williamson- Witch


Tristan Baier- The Steward*

Alexandra Bright- Jacks Mom

Luzia Coley- Cinderella Step Mom

Morgan DeFelice- Baker’s Wife

Annabeth Elston- Narrator

Angelis Gonzalez- Cinderella

Abram Guice- Cinderella Prince/Wolf*

Rachael Malawey-Corrinda (A Step Sister)

Sydney Mason- Rapunzel

Andrew McCloud- Jack

Kylie Moore- Cinderella Mom/Giant

Franklin Oden-Mysterious Man**

Cara Orlich- Lucinda

Ava Podewitz- Little Red

Walker Risser- Baker*

Tyler Tippett- Rapunzel’s Prince*

Abby Webb- Florinda

Kelly Whitlow- Witch


Elizabeth Adler- Little Red

Anna Baker- Baker’s Wife

Dawson Blackburn- Jack

Kristin Currie- Witch

Thomas Daniels- Cinderella Prince/Wolf*

Delaney Devlin- Jack’s Mom

Kyle Dyra- Rapunzel’s Prince*

Eleni Ertel- Cinderella

Maya Ertel- Florinda

Sofia Hoff- Cinderella Mom/Giant

Charlie James- Dorinda (a stepsister)

Isabella Jones - Cinderella Step Mom

Savannah Mann-Lucinda

Lainey McCarter-Narrator

Franklin Oden-Mysterious Man**

Weston Poff- Steward*

Walker Risser- Baker

Ahnna Tate- Rapunzel

Ansley Kate Wilson- Corrinda (a step sister)


Helena Aertssens- Narrator

Sydney Aslan- Lucinda

Savannah Bradley- Cinderella Mom/Giant

Kate Maree Brewer- Jack

Thomas Daniels- Cinderella Prince/Wolf*

Olivia Davis- Jack’s Mom

Kyle Dyra- Rapunzel’s Prince*

Caroline Meyer- Cinderella Stepmom

Isabella Karlsson- Baker’s Wife

Ella Miller- Witch

Kayte Miller- Cinderella

Franklin Oden- Mysterious Man**

Briana Ogan- Florinda

Weston Poff- The Steward*

Mason Risser- Baker*

Ella Saliba- Rapunzel

Katie Ann Sansom- Corrinda (a stepsister)

Kylie Sumner- Little Red

*Cast in two different casts

**Cast in four different casts


cast list


Gavin Brock


Emily Wampold


Gavin Connors


Carrie Luce


Nicholas Youngstead


Kat Shannon

Ernst Ludwig

Grey Marron 


Anthony Bart 


Grey Marron


Nicholas Youngstead


Gavin Connors


Anna Baker


Lainie Stidham


Kristin Currie 


Emily Kitchen


Angela Mueller


Rachel Melz

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