Our shows take countless behind the scenes  hours and  volunteers. In the past, we have had parents who have expressed interest in helping us out! And now, you can! With our program expanding to having three different productions a semester, the help is even more desired  and needed!  We need volunteers to help out with making props, costumes, set pieces, scenic painting, etc. If you can use a glue gun you can be a Parent Stager.


We were blessed with a great group of volunteers! Please help us make your child's production the best it can be!

Parent Stagers  will meet whenever the calendar say Work Day (and probably some additional days). We will also have various projects available throughout the semester.If you would like to be involved, please  sign the form below and complete the contact information. Also, please describe how you would like to help (i.e., props, costumes, set, set painting) and we will place you in a group!Volunteer work will earn tickets to the show!


Laura Dyra has volunteered to help coordinate the parent stagers.  Here is a list of areas that we need volunteers.

    * Set/Back Drops - if you can paint, hammer and love to "create"  this is your fate!

    * Costumes - if you can sew, pin, cut and glue....we need you!
    * Props - if organization is your thing, cha ching!

    * Programs - if your good at prose and running to kinkos!

    * Load In/Load Out - We need help moving our stuff in and out of the theatre!

Please email the following information to Laura@acttooplayers.com if you are interested in helping:

Special Skills or area if interest
Best time to meet/work (i.e. during class time, saturday mornings, daytime, etc.)


We want to make the show really fun!  We have lots to do! Even if you can only give an hour that helps!


Did you know that- A Review of Recent Research has found a significant connection between volunteering and good health. The report shows that volunteers have greater longevity, higher functional ability, lower rates of depression and less incidence of heart disease (plus your kids will love you being involved!)

So stay healthy- volunteer today!  :-)

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