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Parents - Please know that every student did a great job auditioning. I know that a few of your children will be thrilled with the casting decisions that we have made but I know that many more of your children will be disappointed. This is the single hardest part of being in theatre as a performer and as a director. We bring in a panel of people (local actors, teachers, and directors, along with current and former students) to come to the auditions and give their feedback on the casting decisions to help give everyone an equal and well considered shot at each role. We take casting the show very seriously, especially since each of us has real life experience with the difficulties of auditioning and the emotions that come with not getting (and getting) the role you wanted and worked to earn.

I have written two different blogs that may be worth sharing with your child.

"The Realities of Casting"

"A Parent’s Guide on How to Deal with Audition Disappointment" 

Now...On With The Show!

Ms. Sondra, Ms. Erica, & Mr. Sloan

grease school.png

Monday Class


Lynch – Camryn Devlin
Patty – Hadley Whisnant
Eugene – Justice Eggers

Jan – Aubrey Rogers
Marty – Abby Farmer
Rizzo – Peyton Gilbert
Doody – Caden Cantrell
Roger – Austin Stewart

Kenickie – Rohan Shah
Sonny – Andrew Catlett
Frenchy – Rowan Crum
Sandy – Lucy Myers
Danny – Beckett Holewinski
Vince – Ava Elder
Johnnie Casino – Molly Meinert
Cha Cha – Eleanor DeVree
Teen Angel – Delta Hodges
Soloist Raining on Prom Night – Mary Catherine Leaverton

Girl Greasers
Estee Alfaro
Eleanor DeVree
Avery Dickinson
Kay Gotte
Marley Junious
Emma Madsen
Lillian Merriweather
Ryleigh Peek
Jaiden Olsen
Emmelyn Whetham

Pink Ladies Group
Violet Adgate
Isla Barretto
Chloe Booth
Delta Hodges
Miller Kite
Mary Catherine Leaverton
Molly Meinert
Jocelyn Rios
Adler Smith

Bella Thompson
Addison Webb
Kyrie Wiswell

**** Other parts will be determined during the class time. 

Friday Class


Lynch – Tessa Mingle
Patty – Kelsie Wiegman

Eugene – Turner Hazard
Jan – Claire Perry
Marty – Skylar Goodfriend
Rizzo – Sophie Staggs
Doody – Mason Johnson
Roger – Austin Stewart
Kenickie – Finn Burdine
Sonny – Flynn Cook
Frenchy – Ariel Andrews
Sandy – Julianne Vessel
Danny – Caden Block
Vince – Ava Elder
Johnnie Casino – Olivia Russell
Cha Cha – Mackenzie Van Sandt
Teen Angel – Jamie Santini
Soloist Raining on Prom Night – Madeleine Mann


Girl Greasers
Luna Bias
Penelope Chau
Lottie Daniels
Adalyn Goldsmith
Madeleine Mann
Grace Riesinger
Olivia Russell
Jamie Santini
Mackenzie Van Sandt
Grayson Townsend
Lyanna Ward


Pink Ladies Group
Madelyn Amos
Hattie Bradley
Sienna Branch
Elsie Cook
Beatrice Fulco
Naomi Halevi
Lacey Ligon
Anna Min
Wynnie Moss

Zoey Pirkle
Mackenzie Rader
Ava Ragan
Sophia Swerling

**** Other parts will be determined during the class time. 

Grease: School Edition
grease school.png

Tuesday Teen Class
Danny – Zach West
Doody – Kyle Dyra
Kenickie – Jake Burger
Sonny – Ethan Dumont
Teen Angel – Emmitt Vasilevskis
Eugene - Gavin Winters
Vince – Benjamin Phillipi
Roger – Aida
n Smith
Johnnie Casino – Kylie Moore
Lynch – Sophia Hoff
Patty – Kate Maree Brewer
Cha Cha – Vismaya Channappa
Jan – Luci Wingo
Marty – Laila Schroeder
Rizzo – Raleigh Risser
Soloist Raining – Kathryn Porter
Sandy – Ahnna Tate
Frenchy – Sarah Smith

Greaser Guys
Miles Brewer
Emmit Vasilevskis

Greaser Girls
Emmalyn Browns
Addison Burns
Vismaya Channappa
Skye Elliott
Ava Johnson
Kylie Moore
Myka Pacheco
Kathryn Porter

Pink Ladies
Valencia Acosta
Caroline Christian

Kylie Deutinger
Clara Knott
Kate McNickle

Mia Passon
Alexa Prudoff

Grease: Teen Edition

Teen Class Thursday 4:30
Roger – Carter Miller
Jan – Mia Ryckman
Kenickie – Alan Foeder
Rizzo – Kayte Miller
Marty – Katie Stabile
Lynch – Mia Saliba
Patty – Maci DiPasquale
Eugene – Jack
Doody – Caden Carraba
Sonny – Bennett Miller
Frenchy – Lauren Gilder
Sandy – Lainey McCarter
Vince – Ben Allen
Johnnie Casino – Kylie Moore
Cha Cha – Maddie Stabile
Teen Angel/Greaser – Owen Schreiner
Danny – Zach West*
Soloist Raining – Reese Benton

Greaser Girls
Olivia Bottler-Drysdale
Makayla Harville
Ava McAfee
Rhea Moore
Diya Singh
Maddie Stabile
Caroline Stuart
Emmalynn Woodard


Pink Ladies
Reese Benton
Gracen Comer
Ellie Cook
Anna Green
Maclaren Kroeker

Sophia Pfund
Sydney Porter

Charlotte's Web

Brooke Brabyn – Member 5 +Chorus*
Sally-Gray Branson – Member 4 +Chorus*
Ella Brown – Member 2 + Chorus
Payton Campbell – Uncle /Announcer/Chorus
Kaelyn Colley – Charlotte
Chloe Cox – Member 1+Chorus*
Abby Farmer – Edith Zuckerman
Anna Gorbunova – Lurvy
Charlotte Havens – Spider 3/Fairgoer3/Chorus
Maddie Havens – Martha Arable
Haven Hill – Spider 2/Fairgoer 2/Chorus
Caleb Johnson – John Arable
Lillian Johnson – Wilbur
Jude Kee – Homer Zuckerman
Liv Koontz – Reporter/Photographer/Chorus
Anna Kraft - Goose
Sophia Lagadas – Spider 1/Fairgoer/Chorus
Elijah Morris - Templeton
Ilia Napoleon - Fern
Lucy Padilla-Diaz – Member 3 + Chorus*
Avie Repas – Sheep
Presley Shearer – Avery
Lily Sherrill - Gander
Emme Shervik – Lamb

*Member Lines will be divided into 5 parts in class

Chicago HSE


Valencia Acosta – Kitty/Ensemble 1
Kyle Dyra – Amos
Lauren Gilder - Liz/Third Reporter
Skylar Gregory – Fred/Harry
Makayla Harville – Ensemble 3
Ava Johnson – Ensemble 4
Sloane Killinger – June/Ensemble 12
Linley Macmillan – Mary Sunshine
Lainey McCarter – Mona/Ensemble 11
Sydney Mason – Ensemble 10/Fogerty
Samantha McWright – Ensemble 2/Reporter
Ella Miller – Roxie Hart
Kayter Miller – Velma
Ashly Moyers – Ensemble 5/Harrison
Lauren Rafoth – Hunyak/Judge
Adison Rodgers – Mama Morton
Mia Saliba – Annie/Clerk
Matilda Skurka – Ensemble 6/Juror One
Ella Speziale – Ensemble 7
Libby Vail – Ensemble 8
Grady Vasilevskis – Billy
Lauren Winston – Ensemble 9

jungle book.png

Monday 430 Cast
Bagheera - MacKenzie Amos
Baloo – Evelyn Dobie
Mowgli – Louis Belsante
Shere Khan – Jake Johnson
Shanti – Eva Wisniewski
King Louis – Jack Hamilton
Dizzy – Savannah Kenny

Ziggy – Evie Meyers
Kaa – Bryn Hornaday
Coil 1 – Maddie Perry
Coil 2 – Ellie Olsen
Coil 3 – Quinn O’Connor
Coil 4 – Lilly Cobb
Coil 5 – Lexi Cruser
Colonel Hathi – George VonReichbauer
Baby Elephant – Charli Rice
Elephant – Hayden Alonson
Elephant – Jackson Bourne
Elephant – Hudson Holman
Elephant – Ryker Jones
Elephant – Benjamin Kinmonth
Silly Monkey – Amayah Rodriguez
Sassy Monkey – Emmitt Lothrop
Grumpy Monkey – Kenneth Buettner
Old Monkey – Will Westerman
Jungle Thistle – Piper DeSantis
Jungle Lotus – Lucy Hunter
Jungle Banyan – Olivia Marks
Jungle Ensemble – Gabriella Cortese
Jungle Ensemble – Ivy Frenzel
Jungle Ensemble – Harper Fritz

Jungle Ensemble – Lilli Cate Nail
Jungle Ensemble – Hazel Williams
** We will be giving other parts during the class time.

Friday 430 Cast

Bagheera – Garrison Braddock
Baloo – Emme Shervik
Mowgli – James Ward
Shere Khan – Harris Podoll
Shanti – Morgan Childers
King Louis – William Leaverton
Dizzy – Elizabeth Stewart
Ziggy – Phoebe Chandler
Kaa – Julia Pietrangelo
Coil 1 – Caroline Freiburg
Coil 2 – Hattie Burgoyne
Coil 3 – Cora Mason
Coil 4 – Lyla Brown
Coil 5 – Margaret Gaddis
Colonel Hathi – Xavier Woods
Baby Elephant – Annabelle Blumig
Elephant – Liam Greenway
Elephant – Jackson Kirby
Elephant – Cosmo Tokic
Elephant – Ellis Wideman
Silly Monkey – Maxwell Jordan
Sassy Monkey – Grant Britton
Grumpy Monkey – Miles Jordan
Old Monkey – Ethan Forbert

Monkey - Rowan Cannan
Jungle Thistle – Ruby Smith

Jungle Lotus – Hailey Holmes
Jungle Banyan – Cate Rich
Jungle Ensemble – Mila Branch
Jungle Ensemble – Margot Donahue
Jungle Ensemble – Isla England
Jungle Ensemble – Maggie Lou McCall
Jungle Ensemble – Olivia Olson
Jungle Ensemble – Aurie Smith

** We will be giving other parts during the class time.

Jungle Book Kids
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