Parents - Please know that every student did a great job auditioning. I know that a few of your children will be thrilled with the casting decisions that we have made but I know that many more of your children will be disappointed. This is the single hardest part of being in theatre as a performer and as a director. We bring in a panel of people (local actors, teachers, and directors, along with current and former students) to come to the auditions and give their feedback on the casting decisions to help give everyone an equal and well considered shot at each role. We take casting the show very seriously, especially since each of us has real life experience with the difficulties of auditioning and the emotions that come with not getting (and getting) the role you wanted and worked to earn.

I have written two different blogs that may be worth sharing with your child.

"The Realities of Casting"

"A Parent’s Guide on How to Deal with Audition Disappointment" 

Now...On With The Show!

Ms. Sondra, Ms. Lisa, Mr. Jamey & Ms. Erica

Monday 6:00pm Cast

Ben Allen                           Rooster
Gabrielle Banker             Tessie
Reese Bartell                    Orphan/Police Officer/Ensemble
Annalane Bonner            Orphan/Annette/Ensemble
Jessie Bray                        Annie
Ella Brown                         Orphan/Ensemble
Jensen Cleavinger          Mr. Bundles/Ensemble
Janie Cook                         Hannigan
Katty Davis                        Orphan/Ensemble
Camryn Devlin                 Orphan/Ensemble
Charlotte Driver              Orphan/Dog Catcher/Ensemble
Kylie Fish                           Orphan/Star to Be/Ensemble
Avery Gianatassio           Orphan/Ensemble
Riley Kate Grant              July
Ellie-Rose Grisham         Orphan/Mrs. Pugh/Ensemble
Mia Jansen                        Orphan/Ensemble
Anna Jay                             Orphan/Greer/Ensemble
Quinn Jenkins                   Ensemble
Ethan McBride                  Orphan/Roosevelt/Ensemble
Carter Miller                      Warbucks
Rhea Moore                       Orphan/Drake/Ensemble
Molly Morency                  Kate
Lily Morton                        Orphan/Apple Seller/Ensemble
Troy Ornellas                     Orphan/Louis Howe/Ensemble
Jane Petricek                     Molly
Sydney Porter                    Orphan/Sound Effects Person/Ensemble
Audrey Powell                   Orphan/Lt. Ward/Ensemble
Andelyn Regas                  Duffy
Addie Shumate                 Orphan/Usherette/Ensemble
Diya Singh                          Orphan/Bet Healy/Ensemble
Ella Spangenberg            Orphan/Cecille/Ensemble
Isabella Thompson          Orphan/Ensemble
Anna Toland                      Grace
Roma Lee Veal                  Pepper
Emmalynn Woodard        Lily

Friday 6:00pm Cast

Elliott Akers                      Orphan/Ensemble          

Anjali Babu                        Grace   

Reese Benton                    Molly   

Cassidy Booker                 Tessie  

Ava Buerger                       Orphan/Ensemble          

Natalie Burke                    Drake/Ensemble/Orphan            

Katie Calandrillo              Apple Seller/Ensemble/Orphan             

Carlee Christian               Orphan/Ensemble

Rio Cook                             Bundles/Ensemble         

Charlotte Cyr                     Pepper 

Nikki Davidoff                   Cecile/Ensemble/Orphan

Ava Elder                            July       

London Fair                        Lt. Ward/Louis Howe/Ensemble             

Abby Farmer                      Orphan/Ensemble

Rowan Ferguson               Ensemble

Livianna Gutierrez           Orphan/Ensemble

Ruby Harty                         Orphan/Ensemble

Evey Johnston                   Orphan/Ensemble

Luke Klein                          Rooster              

Campbell Lenahan           Orphan/Ensemble

Jamison Lenahan             Orphan/Ensemble

Linley Macmillan              Hannigan           

Ava McAfee                        Duffy    

Brennan McCain               Lily        

Cecile-Katya McKenna   Annette/Ensemble/Orphan

Ashlynn Millar                   Orphan/Ensemble

Emilia Pietrangelo           Mrs. Greer/Ensemble/Orphan

Jameson Ridings              Bert Healy/Ensemble

Mia Ryckman                     Annie   

Emma Sabiston                 Kate      

Owen Sower                       Warbucks                                        

Hannah Timmons              Mrs. Pugh/Ensemble/Orphan

Addison Woods                  Star to Be/Ensemble/Orphan

Cast List

Elizabeth Adler                Mary Margaret/Sam/Ensemble
Emmi Bradley                   Zelda/Ensemble
Kate Maree Brewer         Kathy
Gavin Brock                       Cosmo
Christopher Burns           Don
Blais Cameron                  Sid Philips/Production Singer/Ensemble
Luzia Coley                        Dora/Ensemble
Morgan DeFelice             RF Simpson
Eleni Ertel                         Dextor/Ensemble
Maya Ertel                         1s Assistant Director/Ensemble
Russell Garges                 Villian/Butler/Production Singer/Ensemble
Brynn Gianatassio          Teacher/Ensemble
Lainey McCarter              Roz (Rod)/Ensemble
Abigail McClure               Policeman/Ensemble
Kayleigh Miller                Lady in Waiting/Hairdresser/Ensemble
Lauren Rafoth                  Olga/Wardrobe Mistress/Ensemble
Kat Shannon                     Lina
Alex Stone                         Female Ensemble
Mackenzie Tinker            2nd Assistant Director/Ensemble
Emma Wingo                    Miss Dinsmore/Ensemble
Sarah Grace Wright        3rd Assistant Director/Ensemble

Monday 4:30pm Cast

Lilly Beth Baker - Bundles/Orphan/Ensemble
Tatum Blake - Roosevelt/Orphan/Ensemble
Ella Bourque – Duffy
Drake Burnette – Warbucks
Brooklyn Chambers – Apple Seller/Orphan/Ensemble
Ainsley Davelaar – Usherette/Orphan/Ensemble
Lyla Dent – Orphan/Ensemble
Claudia Dobie – Hannigan
Olivia Forslund – Kate
Eva Gavranovic – Rooster
Kate Graves – Annie
Holland Hippler – Orphan/Ensemble
Posey Jennings – Orphan/Ensemble
Alyssa Kidd – July
McKaylee Kidd – Orphan/Ensemble
Annabel Kurtz – Orphan/Ensemble
Myla Lackey – Pepper
Luciana Lopez – Orphan/Ensemble
Sophie Lutche – Bet Healey (Bert Healey)/Orphan/Ensemble
Abbey Marks – Lt. Ward/Orphan/Ensemble
June Miller -  Molly
Atley Phillips – Orphan/Ensemble
Ruby Rattray – Louis Howe/Orphan/Ensemble
Adalynn Scherz – Grace
Lillie Selby – Orphan/Ensemble
Laura Beth Shumate – Orphan/Ensemble
Lila Sieveking – Orphan/Ensemble
Meg Sieveking – Drake/Orphan/Ensemble
Natalie Small – Orphan/Ensemble
Sophie Souder – Tessie
Sophia Swerling – Lily
Ava Verma – Orphan/Ensemble
Ela Verma – Orphan/Ensemble
Ella Rose Verner – Orphan/Ensemble
Harper Webb – Star to Be/Orphan/Ensemble
Sophia Wilson – Orphan/Ensemble
Zoe Zabriskie – Orphan/Ensemble

Friday 4:30pm Cast

Madyson Berry- Star to be/Orphan/ Ensemble
Garner Clement- Duffy
Caden Cripe-  Lt. Ward/ Roosevelt/ Ensemble
Riley DeSoto- Usherette/Orphan/Ensemble
Eleanor DeVree- Molly
Anabelle Edmondson- Dogcatcher/Orphan/Ensemble
Eliza Eller- Kate
Ally Farmer- Orphan/ Ensemble
Juniper Gautsche- Drake/Orphan/ Ensemble
Emma Goolesby- Tessie
Violet Hagerman- Orphan/ Ensemble
Ally Harrington- Orphan/ Ensemble
Lucy Myers- Annie
Cole Ravin- Warbucks
Trisha Reddy- July
Maggie Reedy- Louis Howe/ Orphan/Ensemble
Grace Riesinger- Orphan/Ensemble
Olivia Russell- Hannigan
Delia Sheaffer- Lily
Willa Sheaffer- Orphan/Ensemble
Isaac Smith- Orphan/Ensemble
Samuel Smith- Bundles/Ensemble
Liliana Stephens- Orphan/Ensemble
Savannah Stephens- Apple Seller/ Orphan/Ensemble
Addy Taylor- Grace
Parker Tyrrel- Rooster
Eleanor Vogus- Pepper
Cara Winburn- Orphan/Ensemble



Puck: Franklin Oden

Quince: Abigail Levy

Bottom: Rett Veith

Snout: Lauren Stockdale

Snug: Emerson Clark

Starveling/Peasblossom: Lauren Reeves

Flute: Dorian Marron

Titania: Regan Enderle

Oberon: Kylin Kozicki

Cobweb (Dragon): Kaitlyn Weaver

Mustardseed: Caitlyn MacNeill

Moth (Water Lily): Liv Murphy

Cast List

Chip Tolentino

Logan Clinger

Logainne Schwartzandgrubeniere 

Brynn Gianatassio

Leaf Coneybear & Jesus

Anthony Bart

William Barfee & Dan Dad

Mason Risser

Marcy Park 

 Angelis Gonzalez

Olive Ostrovsky 

Kylie Sumner

Rona Lisa Peretti & Olive Mom

Kelly Whitlow

Douglas Panch & Carl Dad & Olive Dad

Walker Risser

Mitch Mahoney

Emily Wampold

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Franklin TN 37064

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