Parents - Please know that every student did a great job auditioning. I know that a few of your children will be thrilled with the casting decisions that we have made but I know that many more of your children will be disappointed. This is the single hardest part of being in theatre as a performer and as a director. We bring in a panel of people (local actors, teachers, and directors, along with current and former students) to come to the auditions and give their feedback on the casting decisions to help give everyone an equal and well considered shot at each role. We take casting the show very seriously, especially since each of us has real life experience with the difficulties of auditioning and the emotions that come with not getting (and getting) the role you wanted and worked to earn.

I have written two different blogs that may be worth sharing with your child.

"The Realities of Casting"

"A Parent’s Guide on How to Deal with Audition Disappointment" 

Now...On With The Show!

Ms. Sondra, Ms. Erica, & Mr. Zach

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Raindrops on Roses Cast

This cast will meet 4-5:30p

(until we get closer to showtime at which point rehearsal times may change)


Elizabeth Adler- Louisa

Kelly Aiello- Admiral Von Schreiber/Nun/Ensemble

Millie Aiken- Gretl

Ruby Akers- Nun/Ensemble

Sophia Anfuso- Sister Berthe/Ensemble

Amelia Bonney- Marta

Aiden Burke- Max

Logan Clinger- Captain Von Trapp*

Jenna Crank- Fraulein Schweiger/Ensemble

Clara Falletti- Nun/Ensemble

Tatum Fischer- Nun/Ensemble

Jack Hamilton- Saengenbund Trio/Ensemble

Alex Kee- Rolf*

Abigail Levy- Mother Abbess

Finley MacNicoll- Frau Schmidt

Claire Massey- Baroness Eberfeld/Nun/Ensemble

Lainey McCarter- Maria*

Schey Meinert- Herr Zeller*/Ensmble

Bennet Miller- Friedrick

Carter Miller- Kurt

Addie O’Brien- Sister Sofia/Ensemble

Mirasta Palmer- Brigitta

Emmeline Poradek- Saengerbund Trio/Nun/Ensemble

Gabrielle Poradek- Saengerbund Trio/Nun/Ensemble

Sydney Porter- New Postulant/Nun/Ensemble

Lauren Rafoth- Liesl

Meghan Rafoth Elsa/Nun

Juliette Schellenberg- Sister Margaretta/Ensemble

Michelle West-Osterfield- Franz


*playing role in both casts



Bright Copper Kettles Cast

This cast will meet 5:30-7:00p

(until we get closer to showtime at which point rehearsal times may change)


Valencia Acosta- Liesl

Sofia Bartel- Nun/Ensemble

Reese Benton- Brigitta

Emilene Boshears- Frau Schmidt/Ensemble

Finn Burdine- Kurt

Logan Clinger- Captain Von Trapp*

Paige Dewey-Elsa

Jackson Dishon- Friedrick

Adair Ferreira- Gretl

Victoria Frangis- Baroness Eberfeld/Nun/Ensemble

Sophia Hoff- Max

Brooklyn Hooper- Fraulein Schweiger/Nun/Ensemble

Kensi Hooper- Saengerbund Trio/Nun/Ensemble

Ava Johnson- Franz/Ensemble

Alex Kee- Rolf*

Jude Kee- Saengerbund Trio/Ensemble

Kennedy Kirkley- Sister Berte/Ensemble

Linely Macmillan- Mother Abbess

Abby Maxwell- Nun/Ensemble

Evelyn Maxwell- Marta

Lainey McCarter- Maria*

Schey Meinert- Herr Zeller/Ensemble*

Myles Moseng- Ensemble

Glory Petty- Admiral Von Schrieber/Nun/Ensemble

Anna Setser- Sister Sofia/Ensemble

Cora Shaffner- New Postulant/Nun/Ensemble

Julianne Vessel- Sister Margaretta/Ensemble

Nolan Wilson- Saengerbund Trio/Ensemble

Emmalynn Woodard- Louisa

*playing role in both casts

Cast List

Helena Aertssens- Solo Woman/Ensemble

Anthony Bart- Brother Jeremiah

Kate Maree Brewer- Peter Quince/Tapper/Ensemble

Logan Clinger- Nostradamus

Morgan DeFelice- Horatio/Tapper/Ensemble

Delaney Devlin- Solo Man/Ensemble

Abigail Douglas-Woman 1/ Ensemble

Kyle Dyra- Man 2/Bard Boy/Ensemble

Ethan Eisenhauer- Bard Boy/Ensemble

Cameron Ertel- Lead Man/Ensemble

Brynn Gianatassio- Lady Clapham/Ensemble

Angelis Gonzalez- Minstrel/ Ensemble

Grayson Grabois- Shylock/Ensemble

Evelyn Hardy- Woman in Crowd/Ensemble

Alex Kee- Bard Boy/Ensemble

Abigail Levy- Tom Snout/Tapper/Ensemble

Lainey McCarter- Snug/Tapper/Ensemble

Andrew McCloud- Robin/Tapper/Ensemble

Kayte Miller- Francis Flute/Tapper/Ensemble

Ashlyn Moyers- Man in Crowd/Ensemble

Mason Risser- Shakespeare

Walker Risser- Nick

Anna Setser- Waitress/Ensemble

Gracie Smith- Valet/Ensemble

Sarah Smith-Eyepatch Man/Ensemble

Elaine Stidham- Master of Justice/Announcer/Ensemble

Kylie Sumner- Portia

Ahnna Tate- Helena/Ensemble

Emmit Vasilevskis- Bard Boy/Ensemble

Jasper Vasilevskis- Nigel

Emily Wampold- Woman 2/Ensemble

Mia Wells- Miranda/Ensemble

Kelly Whitlow- Bea

Madi Wilson- Sad Little Egg/Ensemble