Parents - Please know that every student did a great job auditioning. I know that a few of your children will be thrilled with the casting decisions that we have made but I know that many more of your children will be disappointed. This is the single hardest part of being in theatre as a performer and as a director. We bring in a panel of people (local actors, teachers, and directors, along with current and former students) to come to the auditions and give their feedback on the casting decisions to help give everyone an equal and well considered shot at each role. We take casting the show very seriously, especially since each of us has real life experience with the difficulties of auditioning and the emotions that come with not getting (and getting) the role you wanted and worked to earn.

I have written two different blogs that may be worth sharing with your child.

"The Realities of Casting"

"A Parent’s Guide on How to Deal with Audition Disappointment" 

Now...On With The Show!

Ms. Sondra, Ms. Erica, & Mr. Zach


Cast List

Annalies D’Angelo- “Mrs.” Frost/Ensemble
Addi Dempsey- Aunt Bea
Gabi Diaz-Barriga- “Hollie”
Maggie Garafola- Mrs. Kemp
Ellaree Hancock- Ramona
Annabelle Howell- Director of Commerical/Ensemble
Caroline Howell- Selma/Ensemble
Tegan Johnson- Doctor/Mom in Commerical/Ensemble
Ava McAfee- Mrs. Griggs
Ashley Napier- Old “Woman”/ Ensemble
Emilia Pietrangelo- Beezus
Ian Pitt- Mr. Quimby
Riylnn Roadman- Child in commercial/Ensemble
Lilly Roussel- Whooperburger “Girl”/Ensemble
Presley Shearer- Sponsor in commercial/Ensemble
Libby Spradlin- Mrs. Quimby
Bella Thompson- Susan
Ann Wolcott- Tammy/Ensemble

Ben Allen - Uncle Hobart

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M430 Cast

Louis Belsante- Hans

Peter Britton- Peter

Taylor Kate Brownlee- Young Elsa/ Ensemble

Gianna Cordova- Young Anna/ Ensemble

Rowan Crum- Elsa

Piper DeSantis- Bulda/Ensemble

Evelyn Dobie- Snow Chorus/Ensemble

Mary Chandler Floyd- King/Ensemble

Lucy Herald-Middle Anna/Ensemble

Bryn Hornaday- Snow Chorus/ Ensemble

Annabelle Horwitz- Bishop/Ensemble

Lillian Johnson- Middle Elsa/ Ensemble

Ryker Jones- Snow Chorus/Ensemble

Willow Jean Grey Jones-Storyteller 2/Ensemble

Samantha Lehner-Snow Chorus/ Ensemble

Mila Lumpkin-Sven

Madelyn Matic- Chef/Ensemble

Maggie May- Storyteller 1/ Ensemble

Maddie Perry-Storyteller 3/Ensemble

Atley Phillips- Anna

Chloe Quartararo-Snow Chorus/Ensemble

Lissy Robinson- Handmaiden/Ensemble

Kayleigh Sartan-Snow Chorus/Ensemble

Lila Sieveking- Queen/Ensemble

Saydee Sogard-Pabbie/Ensemble

Elizabeth Stewart-Butler/ Ensemble

Carly Stoianowski-Storyteller 4/ Ensemble

Ella Rose Verner- Snow Chorus/ Ensemble

Luke Weinlein-Weselton

Coleman Woodard- Olaf

F430 Cast