Parents - Please know that every student did a great job auditioning. I know that a few of your children will be thrilled with the casting decisions that we have made but I know that many more of your children will be disappointed. This is the single hardest part of being in theatre as a performer and as a director. We bring in a panel of people (local actors, teachers, and directors, along with current and former students) to come to the auditions and give their feedback on the casting decisions to help give everyone an equal and well considered shot at each role. We take casting the show very seriously, especially since each of us has real life experience with the difficulties of auditioning and the emotions that come with not getting (and getting) the role you wanted and worked to earn.

I have written two different blogs that may be worth sharing with your child.

"The Realities of Casting"

"A Parent’s Guide on How to Deal with Audition Disappointment" 

Now...On With The Show!

Ms. Sondra, Ms. Erica, & Mr. Zach


4:00p | Tomorrow Cast
Annie - Camille Schmicker
Warbucks – Mason Risser
Grace Farrell – Caroline Stuart
Ms. Hannigan – Lizzie Wimberley
Rooster – Walker Risser
Lily St. Regis/Ensemble – Sydney Porter
FDR/Bundles/Bert Healey/Ensemble – Jake Johnston
Mrs. Greer/Officer Ward/Ensemble- Olivia Drysdale
Dogcatcher/Orphan Ensemble - Jax D’Aurelio
Apple Seller/Ensemble – Ryder Drysdale
Star-to-be/Servant Ensemble - Madyson Berry
Usherette/Servant/NYC Ensemble – Molly Kat Sumner
Mrs. Pugh/NYC Ensemble – Jaiden Olsen
Cecille/NYC Ensemble – Eleanor Halloran
Annette/NYC Ensemble – Ava Melvin
Drake – Lillian Merriweather
Molly- Emme Shervik
Kate – Emma Kate Chapman
July – Alex Johnston
Duffy – Murphy-Bryant Oglesby
Tessie – Eliza Eller
Pepper – Claire Hinson
Orphan/Ensemble – Paul Drysdale
Orphan/Ensemble – Ellie Olsen
Orphan/Ensemble – Mae Mae Heydel
Orphan/Ensemble – Maddie Perry
Orphan/Ensemble – Gabrielle Pordek

5:30p | Maybe Cast

Annie – Ariel Andrews
Warbucks – Mason Risser
Grace Farrell – Maci DiPasquale
Ms. Hannigan – Linley MacMillian
Rooster – Walker Risser
Lily St. Regis/Ensemble – Ava McAfee
FDR/Bundles/Bert Healey/Ensemble – Skylar Gregory
Mrs. Greer/Officer Ward/Ensemble- Tessa Mingle
Dogcatcher/Orphan Ensemble – Nolan Wilson
Apple Seller/Ensemble – Denise Alexander
Star-to-be/Servant Ensemble – Malli DiPasquale

Usherette/Servant/NYC Ensemble – Piper Stephens
Mrs. Pugh/NYC Ensemble – Chole Booth
Cecille/NYC Ensemble – Ava Isaac
Annette/NYC Ensemble – Honoka Iwasaki
Drake – Pipe Bilbrey
Molly- Nora Parks
Kate – Amelia Bonney
July – Violet Ward
Duffy – Sophia Swerling
Tessie – London Cairney
Pepper – Sophie Staggs
Orphan/Ensemble – Zoey Pirkle
Orphan/Ensemble – Emery Thorton
Orphan/Ensemble – Ellie Rutledge
Orphan/Ensemble – Tamimar Spence

4:00p RED CAST
Helena Aertssens – Girl 1/Joly
Brandon Berg – Val Jean
Miles Brewer – Laborer/Domo/Ensemble
Finn Burdine – Gavroche
Chris Burns – Convict 2/Bamatabois/Enjorlas
Natalie Burns – Lovely Lady 2/ Woman 2/Ensemble
Caden Cantrell – Farmer/Ensemble
Sarah Beth Carneal – Ensemble
Morgan Childers - Young Cosette/Ensemble
Caroline Coleman – Onlooker 2/Ensemble
Janie Cook – Girl 2/Ensemble
Mackenzie Curle – Worker 2/Ensemble

Cosette DeBorde – Lovely Lady 3/Woman 3/Ensemble
Fantine DeBorde – Woman/ Ensemble
Abigail Douglas – Sick Lovely Lady/Ensemble
Evan Dovgalyuk – Convict 5/Marius
Kyle Dovgalyuk – Convict 4/Constable 1/Foreman/ Prouvaire
Lia Dovgalyuk – Solo Urchin/Ensemble
Eleni Ertel – Eponine
*Alan Foeder - Courgeyrac/Ensemble
*Layne Foeder – Feuilly/ Ensemble
Skylar Goodfriend – Onlooker 3/Ensemble
Grayson Grabois – Thenardier
Ainsley Grant – Claquesous/Ensemble
Sophia Hoff – Old Woman/Lesgles
Penelope Holmes – Worker 1/Ensemble
Ava Johnston – Onlooker 1/Ensemble
Emily Johnson – Girl 3/Babet/Ensemble
*Alex Kee – Convict 3/Bishop/Pimp/Ensemble
Will Kirby – Convict 1/Fauchelevant/Grantarie
*Katherine Kyle – Combeferre/Ensemble
Carrie Ella Luce – Mdm Thenardier
Ella Miller – Fantine
Ashlyn Moyers – Montparnasse/Ensemble
Daniela Rosas – Ensemble
Olivia Russell – Onlooker 4/ Ensemble
Reagan Schmicker - Young Eponine/Ensemble
Sarah Smith – Girl 5/Lovely Lady/Ensemble
Grace Spencer – Ensemble
Emily Sullivan – Cosette
Kylie Sumner – Lovely Lady 1/ Woman 1/ Ensemble
Kyle Varenkamp – Javert
Sydney Webb – Girl 4/Ensemble

Jordan Barriger – Lovely Lady 1/Woman 1/ Ensemble
Xander Benton – Val Jean
Reese Benton – Woman/Ensemble
Claire Billingsley - Claquesous/Ensemble
Dawson Blackburn – Convict 5/ Marius/Sailor 2
Alexa Brownlee - Girl 1/ Joly
Taylor Brownlee – Young Cosette/Ensemble
Camryn Devlin – Onlooker 3/Ensemble
Delaney Devlin – Montparnasse/Ensemble
Kyle Dyra – Convict 1/Fauchelevant/Grantaire
*Alan Foeder – Courgeyrac
* Layne Foeder – Feuilly
Angelis Gonzalez- Cosette
Bella Karlsson – Mdm Thenardier
*Alex Kee – Convict 3/Bishop/Pimp/Ensemble
Sloane Killinger – Lovely Lady 3/Woman 3/Ensemble
Korie King – Onlooker 2/Ensemble
Annabelle Kirby – Onlooker 4/Ensemble
*Katherine Kyle – Combeferre
Abigial Levy – Old Woman/Lesgles
Carter Luke – Javert
Linley MacMillan – Girl 3/Ensemble
Lainey McCarter – Eponine
Andrew McCloud – Convict 2/Bamatobois/ Enjorlas
Schey Meinert – Constable 1/Foreman/Prouvaire/Ensemble
Kayte Miller - Fantine
Cooper Rowley – Laborer/Domo/Ensemble
Jamie Santini – Solo Urchin/Ensemble
Sadie Schiffler – Onlooker 1/Ensemble
Annabelle Schraw – Girl 2/Ensemble
Celina Seago – Ensemble
Diya Singh – Worker 2/ Ensemble
Charlotte Slater – Worker 1/Ensemble
Gracie Smith – Sick Lovely Lady/Ensemble
Ahnna Tate - Girl 5/Lovely Lady/Ensemble
Addie Vaughan – Lovely Lady 2/Woman 2/Ensemble
Ansley Wilson – Student/Ensemble
Luci Wingo – Girl 4/Ensemble
Caleb Wood – Thenardier
Coleman Woodard – Gavroche
Emmalynn Woodard – Babet/Ensemble