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Parents - Please know that every student did a great job auditioning. I know that a few of your children will be thrilled with the casting decisions that we have made but I know that many more of your children will be disappointed. This is the single hardest part of being in theatre as a performer and as a director. We bring in a panel of people (local actors, teachers, and directors, along with current and former students) to come to the auditions and give their feedback on the casting decisions to help give everyone an equal and well considered shot at each role. We take casting the show very seriously, especially since each of us has real life experience with the difficulties of auditioning and the emotions that come with not getting (and getting) the role you wanted and worked to earn.

I have written two different blogs that may be worth sharing with your child.

"The Realities of Casting"

"A Parent’s Guide on How to Deal with Audition Disappointment" 

Now...On With The Show!

Ms. Sondra, Ms. Erica, & Mr. Sloan


Dorothy - Mackenzie Rader
Witch of the North/Glinda/Ensemble – Alana Dettloff
Scarecrow – Kaelyn Colley
Tin Woodman – Alston Arrechaga
Lion – Maggie May
Guard of the Gates/Ensemble** – Isabel Cleveland
Oz*/Ensemble** – Ellis Wideman
Wicked Witch of the West/Ensemble** – Abby Farmer
Winged Monkey King/Ensemble** – JacksonElliott
Farmer/Ensemble** – Gabriel Flores
Flower/Ensemble** – Maggie Garafola
Crow/Ensemble** – Hadley Herring
Flower/Ensemble** – Victoria Rogers
Winkie/Ensemble** – Amayah Rodriguez


some of the lines will be prerecorded

**Ensemble consists of Munchkins, Farmers, Crows, Flowers, Soldier, Ladies and Gentlemen of the Court, and Winkies. There a several lines that will be assigned during class time, and everyone will have lines to learn.

There is a lot to do with a small cast! Congrats on doing such a great job auditioning- get ready to work hard!

Wizard of Oz
blue woods sized.jpg

TUESDAY Cast 6pm
Narrator -Caroline Christian
Cinderella – Lauren Gilder
Jack – Emmit Vasilevskis
Jack’s Mother – Mackenzie Curle
Baker – Xander Foote
Baker’s Wife – Sarah Smith
Cinderella’s Stepmother – Maddie Stabile
Florinda – Sloane Killinger
Lucinda – Isabella Doyle
Little Red – Julianne Vessel
Witch – Kathryn Porter
Cinderella’s Mother-Claire Billingsley
Mysterious Man – Nathanial Mitchell
Granny/Ens – Maizy Rioux
Rapunzel – Mia Saliba
Rapunzel’s Prince – Eli Miller
Cinderella’s Prince/Wolf – Benjamin Phillippi
Steward – Kate McNickle
Giant/Ens-Claire Billingsley
Snow White/Ens – Mirasta Palmer
Sleeping Beauty/Ens – Abby Grant
Birds/Ens – Hadley Durham
Birds/Ens – Abby Farmer

THURSDAY Cast 4:30
Narrator – Ava Johnson
Cinderella – Linley MacMillan
Jack – Clarissa Morrell
Jack’s Mother – Blake Birmingham
Baker – Kyle Dyra *
Baker’s Wife – Matilda Skurka
Cinderella’s Stepmother – Makayla Harville
Florinda – Alana Dettloff
Lucinda – Mackenzie Van Sandt
Little Red – Taylor Harrison
Witch – Hannah Broderick
Cinderella’s Mother- Diya Singh
Mysterious Man – Jack Britton*
Granny/Ens – Camryn Burbach
Rapunzel – Lilah Edwards
Rapunzel’s Prince – Bennett Miller*
Cinderella’s Prince/Wolf – Jake Burger*
Steward – Sydney Porter
Giant/Ens – Cassidy Alexander
Snow White/Ens – Camryn Devlin
Sleeping Beauty/Ens – Aria Hamilton
Birds/Ens – Addison Dempsey
Birds/Ens – Isabella Thompson

 THURSDAY Cast 6:00
Narrator -Peyton Gilbert
Cinderella – Lauren Rafoth
Jack – Carter Miller
Jack’s Mother – Sophia Hoff
Baker – Kyle Dyra*
Baker’s Wife – Maci DiPasquale
Cinderella’s Stepmother – Samantha McWright
Step Family Entourage – Cadyen Anderson
Florinda – Ava McAfee
Lucinda – Sophia Pfund
Little Red – Elizabeth Adler
Witch – Kylie Moore
Cinderella’s Mother- Ella Speziale
Mysterious Man – Jack Britton*
Granny/Ens – Lucy Guthrie
Rapunzel – Jessie Bray
Rapunzel’s Prince – Bennett Miller*
Cinderella’s Prince/Wolf – Jake Burger
Steward – Finn Burdine
Giant/Ens- Mia Ryckman
Snow White/Ens – Adler Smith
Sleeping Beauty/Ens – Kayley Williamson
Birds/Ens – Ellie Cook

Into theWoods

Monday 6pm Cast
French Narrator – Taylor Brownlee
SpongeBob – Coleman Woodard
Gary – Piper Desantis
Patrick Star – Adam Connell
Squidward – Peter Britton
Sandy Cheeks – Madyson Berry
Mr. Krabs – Trevin Romero
Sheldon Plankton – Beckett Holewinski
Karen Plankton - Kenzie Allender
Pearl – Jessica Levine
Perch Perkins – Reed Thompson
Mayor of Bikini Bottom – Sia Karthik
Sardine 1 – Selah Allender
Sardine 2 - Piper Desantis
Sardine 3 – Ava Balding
Old Man Jenkins – Max Baden
Larry the Lobster – Jackson Kirby
Electric Skate 1 – Emilie Davis
Electric Skate 2 – Alice Cordogan
Electric Skate 3 – Conley Omeara
*All performers will be playing multiple roles and extra lines will be assigned
in class. This is a big show… get ready to work hard!

Friday 6pm Cast

French Narrator – Sadie Vincent

SpongeBob – Sophie Schoch

Gary – Sophia Clifford

Patrick Star – Lukas Goodfriend

Squidward – Jamie Santini

Sandy Cheeks – Olivia Russell

Mr. Krabs – Mason Johnson

Sheldon Plankton – Ellie Schoch

Karen Plankton – Lottie Daniels

Pearl – Delia Sheaffer

Perch Perkins – Julia Pietrangelo

Mayor of Bikini Bottom – Eliza Maraniss

Sardine 1 – Morgan Childers

Sardine 2 – Sophia Clifford

Sardine 3 – Cora Mason

Old Man Jenkins – Flynn Cook

Larry the Lobster – Austin Stewart

Townfish 1 – Luna Bias

Townfish 2 – Wynne Montag

Townfish 3 – Lily Sherrill

Electric Skate 1 – Sidalee Craig

Electric Skate 2 – Mallory Scherer

Electric Skate 3 – Maggie Morton

Mrs. Puff – Elsie Cook

Fish in Krabby Patty – Hudson Fisher

Finding Nemo

Monday 4:30pm Cast

Nigel – Emma Kate Chapman
Sprit – Lily Herring
Tiller – Sadie Tucker
Jib – Addison Graham
Nemo – Bryn Hornaday
Marlin – Jake Johnston
Dory – Maddie Perry
Pearl – Lilly Cobb
Sheldon – Eliza Fuller
Tad – Madison Little
Professor Ray – Nora Fungard
Scuba Mask Dancer – Gabriella Cortese
Bruce – Oliver Werner
Chum – Grant Britton
Anchor – Emily Brown
Bubbles – Lulu Zickler
Bloat – Veronica Ramirez
Gurgle – Abigail Amos
Peach – Mackenzie Amos
Gill – Sabrina Zavatsky
Crush – Logan Woods
Squirt – Hayden Alonso
Kai – Wren Winquist
Young Sea Turtle 1 – Harry Thurman
Breeze – Reagan Hengelbrok
Fish1 – Gigi Fischer
Seahorse 1 – Elizabeth Martin
Seahorse 2 – Skylar Buyanovskiy
Sheldon’s Parent – Rowan Cannan
Pearl’s Parent – Mya Timmons
Tad’s Parent – Kynley Gullett

*all performers will be a part of the ensemble as well. You will be very busy!

Get ready to work hard!

 Friday 4:30pm Cast


Nigel – Annabelle Horwitz

Sprit – Olivia Clifford

Tiller – Teegan Rasmus

Jib – Samantha Lehner

Nemo – Emme Shervik

Marlin – Xavier Woods

Dory – Shiloh Rose Sandoval

Pearl – Spencer Kate Stephens

Sheldon – Harper Fritz

Tad – Joseph Harville

Professor Ray – Trula Kargens

Scuba Mask Dancer – Isla England

Bruce – Logan Nunnery

Chum – Sophia Decastro

Anchor – Theo Truscott

Bubbles - Cate Rich

Bloat – Elizabeth Chalk

Gurgle – Lyla Brown

Peach – Amelia Harville

Gill – Olivia Olson

Crush – Julian Clark

Squirt – Hudson McBriar

Kai – Carolyn Creamer

Breeze – Paige Day

Fish1 – Aurie Smith

Seahorse 1 – Charles Stephenson

Seahorse 2 – Morgan Mango

Sheldon’s Parent – Mia Truscott

Pearl’s Parent – Caroline Freiburg

Tad’s Parent – Laney Johnson

Young Sea Turtle 1 – Mae Franks

Young Sea Turtle 2 – Piper Slaughter


*all performers will be a part of the ensemble as well. You will be very busy! Get ready to work hard!

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