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Parents - Please know that every student did a great job auditioning. I know that a few of your children will be thrilled with the casting decisions that we have made but I know that many more of your children will be disappointed. This is the single hardest part of being in theatre as a performer and as a director. We bring in a panel of people (local actors, teachers, and directors, along with current and former students) to come to the auditions and give their feedback on the casting decisions to help give everyone an equal and well considered shot at each role. We take casting the show very seriously, especially since each of us has real life experience with the difficulties of auditioning and the emotions that come with not getting (and getting) the role you wanted and worked to earn.

I have written two different blogs that may be worth sharing with your child.

"The Realities of Casting"

"A Parent’s Guide on How to Deal with Audition Disappointment" 

Now...On With The Show!

Ms. Sondra, Ms. Erica, & Mr. Sloan


Mrs. Darling – Sydney Porter
Mr. Darling – Turner Hazard
Nana the Dog - Lillian Johnson
Wendy – Bella Wilson
Peter – Jake Johnston
Tinkerbell – Amayah Rodriguez
Tiger Lily – Lily Sherrill
The Narrator – Jake Steinmeyer
Jane – Presley Paschali
Hook – Mary Morgan

The Lost Boys*
Tootles – Harris Podoll
Nibs – Kirk Ward
Curly – Jake Dungan
Slightly – Elijah Morris
Cubby – Ellis Wideman
Skunk – Liam Rohrer
Hop – Caleb Johnson
Fox – Wes Steinmeyer
Raccoon – George VonReichbauer


The Pirates*
Smee - Kaelyn Colley
Cecco – Madison Rohrer
Skylight – Abby Farmer
Silence- Sally-Gray Branson
Starkey – Anna Gorbunova
Jukes – Lillian Johnson
Flint – Zoe Blount
Cookson – Madison Molyneaux
Murphy – Sofia Edwards
Noodler – Presley Paschali

*Lines have been divided to all the characters listed. Please do not start learning your lines until we are able to go through them during class time.

Peter Pan
mean girls.png

Your auditions were great! We are so excited about the talent in these casts.
There are other parts that will be assigned during class time/rehearsal. Please be ready to work hard. This is a big show! Congrats to all of you!!

Tuesday Class Cast

Janis – Hayley Zehnder
Damien - JT McCoy
Cady – Vismaya Channappa
Regina – Mia Saliba
Gretchen – Roma Lee Veal
Karen – Lauren Gilder
Aaron – Nathaniel Mitchell
Kevin G – Jack Britton*
Mr. Duvall – Alex Kee
Ms. Norbury – Maizy Rioux
Jason/Tyler– Jake Barriger
Mrs. Heron/Ensemble – Mackenzie Curle
Mrs. George – Isabella Doyle
Caroline K/Ensemble – Blake Birmingham
Coach Carr/Ensemble – Lauren Winston
Taylor Wedell/Ensemble - Charlotte Slater
Caitlyn Caussin/Ensemble – Lauren Rafoth
Rachel Hamilton/Ensemble – Elizabeth Adler
Sonja Acquino/Ensemble – Shira Binshtin
Mr. Buck/Ensemble – Finn Burdine**
Dawn Schweitzer/Ensemble- Lilah Edwards
French Teacher/Ensemble – Taylor Deans
Lizzie Therman/Ensemble – Isabella Gottwals
Glenn Cocco/Ensemble – Emmit Vasilevskis**
Sophie K/Ensemble – Sydney Porter
Martin J/Ensemble. – Carter Miller**
Teary Girl/Ensemble – Alana Dettloff
Shane/Ensemble – Caden Carrabba**
Ensemble – Penelope Holmes
Ensemble – Rhea Moore
Ensemble – Stella Baden
Ensemble – Carter Ettinger
Ensemble – Makayla Harville
Ensemble – Scarlett Whitehead
Ensemble – Sadie Osenga
Ensemble – Kayley Williamson

Thursday 4:30pm Class Cast

Janis – Maddie Stabile
Damien – Zeke Eckert
Cady – Hailee Elizer
Regina – Sloane Killinger
Gretchen – Maci DiPasquale
Karen – Linley MacMillan
Aaron – Kyle Dyra*
Kevin G – Jack Britton*
Mr. Duvall – Benjamin Phillippi*
Ms. Norbury – Sophia Hoff
Jason/Tyler – Jake Burger*
Mrs. Heron/Ensemble – Kate McNickle
Mrs. George – Brielle Buffington
Caroline K/Ensemble – Ava Johnson
Coach Carr/Ensemble – Cayden Anderson
Taylor Wedell/Ensemble – Sam McWright
Caitlyn Caussin/Ensemble – Skye Elliott
Rachel Hamilton/Ensemble – Caleigh Posavac
Sonja Acquino/Ensemble – Sydney Brown
Mr. Buck/Ensemble – Finn Burdine**
Dawn Schweitzer/Ensemble- Matilda Skurka
French Teacher/Ensemble – Ella Speziale
Lizzie Therman/Ensemble – Mia Ryckman
Glenn Cocco/Ensemble – Emmit Vasilevskis**
Sophie K/Ensemble – Ellie Cook
Martin J/Ensemble. – Carter Miller**
Teary Girl/Ensemble – Simone Sheppard
Shane/Ensemble – Caden Carrabba**
Ensemble – Avery Gianatassio
Ensemble – Kylie Deutinger
Ensemble – Millie Sims
Ensemble – Aria Hamilton
Ensemble – Audrey Grant
Ensemble – Claire Perry
Ensemble - Skylar Goodfriend

Thursday 6:00pm Class Cast

Janis – Gabby Miller
Damien – Owen Sower
Cady – Raleigh Risser
Regina – Kathryn Porter
Gretchen – Reese Benton
Karen – Sarah Smith
Aaron – Kyle Dyra*
Kevin G – Bennett Miller
Mr. Duvall – Benjamin Phillippi*
Ms. Norbury – Kylie Moore
Jason/Tyler– Jake Burger*
Mrs. Heron/Ensemble – Anna Green
Mrs. George – Sophia Sullivan
Caroline K/Ensemble – Julianne Vessel
Coach Carr/Ensemble – Luci Wingo
Taylor Wedell/Ensemble – Sophia Pfund
Caitlyn Caussin/Ensemble – Emerson Baxter
Rachel Hamilton/Ensemble – Montogomery Cate Hamburg
Sonja Acquino/Ensemble – Grace Hamilton
Mr. Buck/Ensemble – Finn Burdine**
Dawn Schweitzer/Ensemble- Emmy Woodard
French Teacher/Ensemble – Avah Bramante
Lizzie Therman/Ensemble – Sophie Staggs
Glenn Cocco/Ensemble – Emmit Vasilevskis**
Sophie K/Ensemble – Diya Singh
Martin J/Ensemble. – Carter Miller**
Teary Girl/Ensemble – Mackenzie Van Sandt
Christian/Ensemble – London Fair
Shane/Ensemble – Caden Carrabba**
Ensemble – Ava McAfee

*Double Cast
**Triple Cast

Mean Girls
Slide 6 - Under the Sea.jpg

Monday 6:00pm Cast
Ariel – Lucy Myers
Sebastian – Peyton Gilbert
Ursula – Madyson Berry
Flounder – Aubrey Rodgers
Scuttle – Coleman Woodard
Flotsam – Ashleigh Burger
Jetsam – Eliza Reedy
Prince Eric – Rohan Shah
King Triton – Caden Block
Grimsby – Kay Gotte
Pilot/Ensemble – Leo Donohue
Aquata- Rowan Crum
Andrina – Eisele Tyrell
Arista – Murphy Bryant Oglesby
Atina – Delta Hodges
Adella – Maggie Garafola
Allana – Abby Farmer
Chef Louis/Ensemble – Tessa Mingle
Carlotta/Sailor/Ensemble - Camryn Devlin
Princess 1/Gull/Ensemble – Zaley Davolt
Princess 2/Gull/Ensemble – Ava Balding
Princess 3/Gull/Ensemble – Jaiden Olsen
Princess 4/Gull/Ensemble – Adler Smith
Princess 5/Gull/Ensemble – Ally Farmer
Princess 6/Gull/Ensemble – Presley Powell
Seahorse/Gull/Ensemble – Gianna Cordova
Gull 1/Ensemble – Allie Ang
Gull 2/Ensemble – Izzy Innes
Gull 3/Ensemble – Lily Sherrill
Sailor/Ensemble – Emma Dixon
Sailor/Ensemble – Avery Fisher
Sailor/Ensemble – Hadley Herring
Sailor/Ensemble – Sia Karthik
Sailor/Ensemble – Peyton Kirwan
Sailor/Ensemble – Isal Lemieux
Sailor/Ensemble – Anslee Martz
Sailor/Ensemble – Ella Martz
Sailor/Ensemble – Madelyn Matic
Sailor/Ensemble – Eva Zibdah

Sailor/Ensemble – Jocelyn Rios

*Ensemble will make up all the other roles including lagoon animals and Sea

Friday at 6:00pm Cast

Ariel – Kelsie Wiegman
Sebastian – Mason J
Ursula – Olivia Russell
Flounder – Lucas Goodfriend
Scuttle – Sophie Swerling
Flotsam – Luna Bias
Jetsam – Ellie Schoch
Prince Eric – Flynn Cook
King Triton – Austin Stewart
Grimsby – Hadley Whisnant
Pilot/Ensemble – Joshua Wiegman
Aquata- Sophie Schoch
Andrina – Maria Cortese
Arista – Ava Elder
Atina – Delia Sheaffer
Adella – Gia Berberian
Allana – Nicea Goulart
Chef Louis/Salior/Ensemble – Jamie Santini
Carlotta/Sailor/Ensemble – Mackenzie Rader
Princess 1/Gull/Ensemble – Mallory Scherer
Princess 2/Gull/Ensemble – Violet Adgate
Princess 3/Gull/Ensemble – Siddalee Craig
Princess 4/Gull/Ensemble – Elizabeth Stewart
Princess 5/Gull/Ensemble – Ava Capeling
Princess 6/Gull/Ensemble – Marley Smith
Seahorse/Gull/Ensemble – Willa Sheaffer
Gull 1/Ensemble – Madeleine Mann
Gull 2/Ensemble – Ilia Napoleon
Gull 3/Ensemble – Julia Pietrangelo
Sailor/Ensemble – Amelia Bartley
Sailor/Ensemble – Elsie Cook
Sailor/Ensemble – Abilene Ferreira
Sailor/Ensemble – Hudson Fisher
Sailor/Ensemble – Alicia Goulart
Sailor/Ensemble – Cora Mason
Sailor/Ensemble – Anna Min
Sailor/Ensemble – Maggie Morton
Sailor/Ensemble – Zoey Pirkle
Sailor/Ensemble – Malaila Reed
Sailor/Ensemble – Presley Ward

*Ensemble will make up all the other roles including lagoon animals and Sea

Little Mermaid JR

Monday 4:30 Class Cast
Ariel – Lilly Cobb
Sebastian – Brynn Hornaday
Ursula – Eva Wisniewski
Flounder – Hayden Alonzo
Scuttle – Evelyn Dobie
Flotsam – Savannah Kenny
Jetsam – Evie Myers
Prince Eric – TBD
King Triton – Guest Artist
Grimsby – Logan Woods
Pilot/Ensemble – Elizabeth Martin
Aquata- Mackenzie Amos
Andrina – Maddie Perry
Arista – Emma Kate Chapman
Atina – Amelia Lusk
Adella – Cara Winburn
Allana – Phoebe Chandler
Carlotta/Sailor/Ensemble - Lucy Hunter
Princess 1/Gull/Ensemble – Lexi Cruser
Princess 2/Gull/Ensemble – Alex Beasley
Princess 3/Gull/Ensemble – Piper DeSantis
Princess 4/Gull/Ensemble – Harper Fritz
Princess 5/Gull/Ensemble – Hannah Johnson
Princess 6/Gull/Ensemble – Charlotte Macisaac
Seahorse/Gull/Ensemble – Junia Miller
Gull 1/Ensemble – Nia Chandler
Gull 2/Ensemble – Lily Herring
Gull 3/Ensemble – Riley Coleman
Sailor/Ensemble – Ava Cordova
Sailor/Ensemble – Genevieve Dusche
Sailor/Ensemble – Reagan Hengelbrok
Sailor/Ensemble – Hailey Holmes
Sailor/Ensemble – Savvy Levesque
Sailor/Ensemble – Kennedy McLemore
Sailor/Ensemble – Ellie Olsen
Sailor/Ensemble – Lucy Roberts
Sailor/Ensemble – Ariana Shirzade
Sailor/Ensemble – Audrey Smith
Sailor/Ensemble – Hazel Williams
Sailor/Ensemble – Adalin Woods


*Ensemble will make up all the other roles including lagoon animals and Sea

Friday 4:30pm Cast

Ariel – Olivia Olson
Sebastian – Garrison Braddock
Ursula – Shiloh Sandoval

Flounder – Cate Rich
Scuttle – Emme Shervik
Flotsam – Morgan Childers
Jetsam – Sophia DeCastro
Prince Eric – Ellis Robold
King Triton – Guest Artist
Grimsby – Xavier Woods
Pilot/Ensemble – Jullian Clark
Aquata- Spencer Stephens
Andrina – Annabelle Horowitz
Arista – Teegan Rasmus
Atina – Lyla Brown
Adella – Samantha Lehner
Allana – Isla England
Carlotta/Sailor/Ensemble - Maryn Roach
Princess 1/Gull/Ensemble – Caroline Freiburg
Princess 2/Gull/Ensemble – Nora Magnon
Princess 3/Gull/Ensemble – Gabriella Cortese
Princess 4/Gull/Ensemble – Ruthie Stoner
Princess 5/Gull/Ensemble – Annie Smith
Princess 6/Gull/Ensemble – Georgie Everhart
Seahorse/Gull/Ensemble – Hattie Burgoyne
Gull 1/Ensemble – Olivia Hancock
Gull 2/Ensemble – Sabrina Zavatsky
Gull 3/Ensemble – Hendrix Woolcott
Sailor/Ensemble – Cassie Asher
Sailor/Ensemble – Annabelle Blumig
Sailor/Ensemble – Kenneth Buettner
Sailor/Ensemble – Skylar Buyanovskiy
Sailor/Ensemble – Elliot Dungan
Sailor/Ensemble – Lark England
Sailor/Ensemble – Averi Johnson
Sailor/Ensemble – Liv Koontz
Sailor/Ensemble – Teresa Nasca
Sailor/Ensemble – Logan Nunnery
Sailor/Ensemble – Evelyn Robold
Sailor/Ensemble – Piper Slaughter

*Ensemble will make up all the other roles including lagoon animals and Sea

Little Mermaid KIDS
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