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​Have questions about the "in's and out's" of Act Too Players? Check out this helpful FAQ's for some answers. If you still have a question, don't be shy--contact us!

1.  What if I have a conflict during the semester?

If you already know that you are going to be out for a few dates, please let us know at the first class.

2. When I miss... what do I do about catching up?

Please "buddy" with someone to get the blocking missed.

3. How do we get tickets to the show?

Tickets will go on sale about a month before the show. You will need to call the Franklin Theatre 615.538.2076 and order your tickets. Please make sure you tell the Box office when you are ordering your tickets.

4. What if I have a conflict the week before the show?

Please note, that the week before the show is MANDATORY! We need absolutely everyone to make the show as successful as possible. Everyone counts!

5. How do I reach Sondra quickly?

Email me. My email is sondra@acttooplayers. You can also include Jayme or Megan on the and

6. I have lost my Calendar/ My Children have not given me ANY information... where do I go to find out what they may not have given to me?

Come to the website and check out the class page. We also post constant updates on our Facebook Page.  The Calendar is  always updated and is easily accessible from our website and Facebook.

7. What is a Saturday Work Day?

These are extra days that we encourage all the kids to attend. It is an opportunity to work on set, costumes and props as well as get extra time to work on the show! These extra days have proven to be VERY effective in the success of the shows!

8. What if a Parent Wants to help out?

We call that "Parent Stagers" and we welcome your help. Painting, Sewing, organizing, shopping, errands, hot gluing (my favorite) typing, and many many other tasks are available to parent stagers. We also have a section on the website for that! There is a form attached to this email that you can send with your child if you would like to volunteer. This also earns you additional Comp Tickets!

9. Can I video record or take pictures during the show? 

Unfortunately, No. Due to contractual agreements with the licensing companies we are not allowed to permit recording of the show. HOWEVER, I do get a waiver for one camera! So Anthony Popolo comes in and records for us and makes an incredible DVD which I can sell to you. As for pictures, we have a photographer who takes pictures during a dress rehearsal- as long as there is not a flash it is fine with me. Click here to download the DVD form!

10. When is the Audition and what should my child expect?

The Good News: EVERYONE IS IN THE SHOW. Auditioning is probably the most stressful part of being a performer. Because we are a teaching program, each student will go through the experience of an audition.  Prior to auditions we will learn required music and choreography! It is very low pressure, and we often invite outside auditors to come to keep everyone on the same playing field. It is perfectly natural for a new performer to be nervous... this is a great time for them to conquer their fears and go beyond themselves. We will post the the cast lists on the website, facebook, and blogspot as well.

11. What if I am not going to be in class on the Audition day?

Please let us know prior to that day, and we will gladly accept a video submission prior to the third class (audition day).

12. Where do I Drop Off?

Classes will meet at the Act Too Players Studio located at 1113 Murfreesboro Road, Ste 119 next door to Tuesday Morning.

13. Will rehearsals be at the Franklin Theatre?
The last week of classes we will be moving into the Franklin Theatre. More information will be given as we progress through the semester. 

14. Will there ever be extra rehearsals scheduled?

Yes. We will always schedule additional rehearsals about a week before the show. We may also add additional work days. While the work days are not mandatory they are highly suggested. The Technical/Dress rehearsals are mandatory as it allows the students an opportunity to perform on the stage with lights, props, sound cues, microphones, and lighting.

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