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These policies and procedures are subject to change based upon changes in applicable law at the Federal, State or Local level. Changes in policies and procedures will either be posted or sent electronically.


Cancellations & Refunds

A refund is granted if a program session is canceled. No reduction in fees is given for late arrival, early departure, vacations, special events, short-term illness or expulsion for disciplinary reasons. Cancellation requests must be submitted via email to twelve (12) working days prior to the first day of the scheduled session. The registration fee is nonrefundable.


If anything important comes up throughout the week, we will either contact a family individually, or send a group email to the class. It is imperative that you add the following emails to your contact list to ensure delivery of emails: AND

For Summer Intensives Only: We will be utilizing the Remind App to send quick updates, reminders, and notifications. Signup information for Remind will be sent home with your child after the first class.

Parking Lot Safety

The school is home to children of all ages. Please enter and exit our parking lot with extreme caution. Never park your vehicle in any area that is not a designated parking space. Please do not allow siblings to play in the parking lot.

Parking and Check in Procedures for Camps:

  • Day Camps: Check-In and Check Out will happen outside the facility. One parent or legal guardian is expected to escort their child to the door for check-in. If the child is found to have a temperature, the adult in charge of drop off will be expected to leave with the child. Pick up will be outside of the facility. Parents will be expected to arrive at the door and wait while their child is retrieved from inside the facility.

  • Summer Intensive: Drop off for Sound of Music or Something Rotten will be in the front of the studio. For students who do not drive, one parent or legal guardian is expected to escort their child to the door for check-in. If the child is found to have a temperature, the adult in charge of drop off will be expected to leave with the child. Pick up will be outside of the facility. Parents will be expected to arrive at the door and wait while their child is retrieved from inside the facility.


Before Camp Check in Procedure

In response to Covid, we are updating our check-in procedure as follows:

  • For week-long campers, on Monday morning, please arrive at the studio 10 – 15 minutes before camp starts and check in your performer with an instructor. Check-in will occur at the front door, and all campers will have their temperature taken before they’re let into class.  If your camper’s temperature is 100.4 or above, they must be taken home. 

  • Students/accompanying parents will be asked a short series of questions, which are detailed in the attached Covid document.

  • Students must sanitize their hands upon entering and leaving the studio.

  • Parents will not be permitted to congregate inside the lobby before, during, or after camp.

  • If you prefer that your camper wear a mask during camp, please let us know upon check-in and on the signed policy agreement.  Masks are encouraged for all campers, but not required. Our staff is fully vaccinated, and we plan to be masked around the studio.

  • Please do your best to arrive on time or a few minutes early each day.  Late arrivals can be very distracting.  Your instructor may not be available to answer questions after camp has started, so if you have questions or concerns, please let us know through email as soon as possible.

  • Adherence to our Covid policy is required at all times, and violation of these policies will result in removal from the camp with no refund.


Bad Weather/Studio Closings Policy

In the case of inclement weather, please check the website, email, and Facebook for information regarding classes being canceled or postponed. We will also utilize the Remind app in this situation (summer intensives only).



With very few special exceptions, observers are not permitted in the studio during a class period or technical rehearsals. This year in particular, we will not permit parents, friends or siblings to congregate in the lobby area of the studio at any time.

Class Attire

Please wear tennis shoes or dance shoes and clothes that you can move in. Please no skirts, crocs, or flip flops. If you do wear a skirt, please wear leggings or shorts underneath.


Tickets for the Summer Intensive will go on sale approximately one month prior to the opening of the show. You can order tickets by either calling the Franklin Theatre at 615-538-2076 or by ordering tickets online at


All performances and technical rehearsals will be held at the Franklin Theatre. Both performances and technical rehearsals are mandatory. Students will need to arrive one hour and fifteen minutes before show times on performance dates.


For Summer Intensives:

Personal video taping of our performances is not permitted due to contractual agreements with licensing companies and the Franklin Theatre.  A professional videographer will be present to video the show, and you may order a copy via the form sent to you by email, or in the lobby of the theatre the day of the show. No photography is permitted during the show. We will have a professional photographer take photos of the dress rehearsal, which we will share with you via Facebook.


For Weeklong Camps:

Videotaping and photography of the weeklong day camp showcase is allowed and encouraged!

Lost and Found

All items are put in a box in the lobby and are kept for two weeks after the camp session.

Check the lost and found box before leaving camp to be sure there are no items belonging to your camper. You may also call the office to schedule a time to pick up items left behind.


For Day Camp and Mini-Session Camps Only: Each camper will be given a Summer Camp shirt to be worn at the Friday showcases. Please update your student’s shirt size in the customer portal.

Camper Medical Information

You may update your camper’s medical information at any time by logging into your online registration account. Make sure you update

-           Camper’s Medications

-           Camper’s Health History

This information will print out on the instructor’s information sheet. It is very important that this information is up to date and correct.

If you need to provide medication for your child, please supply enough to last the entire time your camper is at camp, or for however long the medication should be taken. Place all medications in a Ziploc bag and print the camper’s FIRST & LAST name on the bag.

Prescribed Medications: MUST be in the original container with a pharmacy label that has the camper name, prescribing doctor name, and directions for use. Do not place medication in medication organizers. Act Too Players staff needs to be sure of the medication he or she is administering to your child.

Over-the-counter Medications: MUST be in the original containers and clearly labeled with the camper’s name.

At Camp Check-in: Give the medications in the Ziploc bag to the Instructor.

The Camp Director will contact a parent or guardian if she has questions.

If your child does require medication, please make every effort to be reachable by cell phone or home phone while your camper is at camp in case of emergency.

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