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Teaching Positions at Act Too:

We are always accepting resumes from artists looking to work with the Act Too Players. We are looking for someone who is passionate about sharing their skills and experiences with kids of all ages! Shoot us an email at with your resume and as positions open we will keep you in mind.


Why Teach Here? 

Act Too Players was started by a private teacher who has every desire to help you succeed, but also believes you should have the professional freedom to do what you feel is best for your students. We treat our teachers with the respect they deserve, and provide support and opportunities for both you and your students.


Our Studio: 

  • Teachers of our classes (dance, acting, production classes) are hired as employess of Act Too Players and have different set of guidelines to follow. If you are interested in teaching one of our classes contact us for more information.


  • Private Teachers are independent contractors. You set your own lesson times, pricing and policies however they are convenient for you. 

  • You keep any income you make from students. We only ask that you pay a rental fee of $8/hour to us for the use of our space. By allowing you to be an independent contractor, we are enabled to keep our administrative costs lower and your income higher! 

  • If you want to secure the room for your sole use (not allow any other students or teachers to be in there) you can rent the room for $400 per month which depending on the amount of students and how frequent you teach could be a significantly less per month. 

  • While you are ultimately in charge of finding and keeping your own students, we will do everything in our power to help you find them. 

  • Our website is a fantastic source of information for the community. As one of our teachers you will have a bio, photo and information very clearly listed for any interested students to find. 

  • If you need assistance setting your policies or need recommendations on how to run your lessons, we are more than happy to help. We have policy and bio templates available. You, of course, can choose to edit or discard them at your discretion. 

  • Act Too Players has a very strong focus on the benefits of early childhood music classes. We strongly recommend that anyone looking for lessons with a child under 7 enroll in our Kindermusik classes in order to train their ears to listen musically and their brains to think musically. Not only do these classes naturally feed into private lessons as students get older, but the graduates come to you well prepared to learn an instrument. We do ask that if a parent contacts you with interest in lessons for a very young child that you refer them to our classes. In our experience, children under 7 have a very difficult time in private lessons, but flourish in our group classes. 

  • If you are interested in teaching with us, I would love to give you a tour of our facility on Murfreesboro Road in Franklin, TN! You can also peruse our teacher application and our teacher policies while you are here.

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