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My Experience with Company

For anyone who has worked in or around musical theatre knows that when you perform anything from Stephen Sondheim that you are about to journey into a intricate world of lyrics and sophisticated harmonies.

Many people thought that I was crazy to even think about doing Company with a group of teens. What they don't realize is that many of the kids I have had as early as age 7 and that I have every confidence in the world in their abilities. Friday night they opened Company and while there were some bumps along the way this show was really stellar. They handled the material well and made the show vibrant and beautiful. Parents even stated, "Just when I thought they couldn't get any better, they out shine themselves." It was a joy to be able to watch their performance on Friday.

I could not have been more proud as mentor, teacher, and as their #1 fan. In this cast of Company, I have 11 seniors who are graduating this month. It astounds me the talent and potential that is within each of these "kids". Later I realized, with some sadness, that I have taught them everything I can...and then I thought what a perfect place for them to step into the next stage of their life. I know that they will grow up to be wonderful performers and, more importantly, wonderful, self assured, leaders.


Final Show of Company Sunday May 17th at 5pm at the Franklin Theatre.

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